If it’s Worthwhile it Won’t be Easy

I suppose I was on  a bit of a high after passing the 100 mile mark.

All the hours on the road were starting to pay off and it wasn’t long before I passed the 200km mark. I was conscious of the fact that I have only had one week where I have achieved my target […]

First Fortnight

So that’s the first fortnight of the year out of the way!

My 2,016 miles in 2,016 is starting to take shape. I passed the 100km mark today.

This week I focused on finding some new running routes. Running the same route 366 times would test the toughest people.

I revisited some of my old routes. I couldn’t […]

Welcome to the O’Maille Fitness Blog

I will be making regular blog post here. This will include latest news updates from O’Maille Fitness and links to good practice resources on the web.
Additionally I will be posting a series of blogs looking at some of the events I have completed. Particularly looking at how I approached the training, dealt with ‘on the […]