Results or Excuses!

You can have results or excuses !  but you can’t have both

The day I’d been waiting for was finally in sight.  Racing after nearly 7 months.  

Did the universe have other plans for me?.

I had been training for this race as best I could.  In the middle of March I hurt the heel in my right foot and couldn’t train for a while. […]

Time to Take Action

If you are running the V.H.I women’s mini marathon on June 3rd your training should be at a good level at this stage.

I would recommend running 5km early in the week and a 5km session at race pace during the weekend.  […]

It’s never too late for a new challenge!

Looking at various posts on social media it seems that a lot of people found the month of January to be a lot longer than 31 days.
I’m sure a few of them gave dry January a go. Some of them might have gone vegetarian for a week. As most of you know I don’t believe […]

New Year New You

With less than 3 weeks left in the year many people will be sitting back and taking stock of the year.  Did they complete the challenges they set themselves,  can they hit their target in the next couple of weeks? They might have a list of short, medium or long term goals drawn up for […]

Time for Change

The end of the year is nearly upon us.

If you haven’t already put a plan in place for 2018 now is the time.

As most people know I’m not a fan of giving things up.  I prefer to take up a new hobby or challenge.

It doesn’t have to be completely fitness related.  If it is something […]

Road to Recovery

The last couple of weeks have been pretty quiet.  I’ve been getting treatment on a couple of aches and pains that are preventing me from being at my best.

Galway city Chiropractic have been working on my achilles and hip.  So far everything seems to be going to plan.  Last week I managed a quick […]

Another Milestone.

Galway Bay was the venue for my 25th half marathon!

To say I was nervous was an understatement.  A couple of aches and pains had limited my training to a couple of short runs.

Having missed a couple of races due to a head cold I was determined to get one big race done before the end […]

Burning Desire.


There’s only a couple of days left until I run my 25th half marathon along Galway Bay. There is a group of 850 of us running and walking to raise money for the Manuela Riedo Foundation.

Training has been going fairly well.

I know that once I collect my race number on Friday evening and get down […]

Time to Take it up a Notch.

On Sunday I joined more than 2000 cyclists for a cycle on the soon to be opened M18 motorway.  There was the choice of a 50 km or 100km spin.  Even though I hadn’t done much cycling over the summer I decided to sign up for the 100 km spin  from Tuam to Gort and […]

Déjà vu.

I woke up last Wednesday not feeling the best.

Sore throat, headache, lack of energy.

My first thoughts were “would I be able to run on Saturday evening?”.

“The Streets of Galway 8km” race was on. My favourite race of the year.

I decided to rest up and hoped it would pass.

Plenty of hot drinks, menthol sweets and rest.

Thursday […]