Who’s Race Are You Running?

I arrived to Tuam early for the 5km.   I had plenty of time for a short warm up.  The finished looked flat and fast.

I got off to a fast start.  The first and only hill slowed me down a bit.  Passed the 2 km mark we turned left before turning at 3 km.  I was […]

There’s Something About Mary.

I was delayed getting in to Loughrea due to heavy traffic.   This meant my warm up was a bit of a rushed job.

Another fast start. I hit the first km in 4.23. Hopefully the small inclines will slow me down a bit.  This year the hill got the better of me.  I crossed the line […]

A Goal without a Plan is just a Dream.

Setting goals is important in all aspects of life.  Business, family, relationships,  fitness and general well being.

Picking your goal or target can be fairly straight forward.  Taking action to achieve your goal is vital.

Be accountable for yourself.  Who are you doing this for?   If you are drinking some funky water or juice to keep somebody […]

Life Has No Remote!

Deja  Vu… or is it?

 Just as I was getting back into  training I  picked up another injury that put me out of action for six weeks.

At the time I was pretty frustrated but I decided to put it behind me and put in six months of good training and have a really  good […]

Break The Cycle – mental health in the workplace

I recently received an email from someone who had a read a few of my blogs.

They liked the content and asked me I would write a blog for inclusion on their website.

The ideas they had were for “nutrition “ and “mental health in the workplace “.

I decided to write about mental health in the workplace.

Soon […]

Time to Face your Fears.


I had been looking for a new challenge for a while.  Something a bit different. Maybe not entirely fitness related.

Two weeks ago I heard that Galway Community Circus were running a workshop for tightrope walking.  Sounds like a good way to spend your Saturday afternoon.

I met Aidan and Tony and signed my life away for […]

Do Not Put Limits on What You Can Achieve.

I’ve been to a few events over the past week.

On Tuesday I was in the Galway Clinic for the launch of the “Streets of Galway” 8km race.

This is the second year that Galway Clinic has been the sponsor.

The evening started off with a talk from dietician Maeve Gacquin.  Maeve works in the Galway Clinic and […]

Smart Training

They Galway 5km series is over for another year.

Last week was Athenry.  It was a warm evening so I kept my warm up short.

There was a different start line from last year which lead to a fast start.  I hit 4.50 for the first km.  After about 2.5km the heat was starting to slow me […]

Two Steps Forward & One Step Back.

On Tuesday evening I went to Loughrea for the third race of the Galway 5km series.

Traffic was ok and I got out there at 7.10.  Plenty of time for a light warm up before the 8.00 p.m. start.

Last year I had been caught out by the finish line.  During my warm up I checked out […]

Groundhog Day

Tuesday evening came around and I was on the road to Craughwell for the second race of the Galway 5km series.  As I hit the motorway the traffic was starting to build up . Was it going to be a repeat of last week? […]