I arrived to Tuam early for the 5km.   I had plenty of time for a short warm up.  The finished looked flat and fast.

I got off to a fast start.  The first and only hill slowed me down a bit.  Passed the 2 km mark we turned left before turning at 3 km.  I was maintaining a comfortable pace .  We turned at 3 km.  I was running 5.01 .

No matter what I did I couldn’t get under 5. Thoughts racing through my head.  Was 25 minutes gone. At least it would be my fastest 5km of the year.  We passed the 4 km mark.  The clock read 24 minutes.  I could see the line of runners ahead of me. Where was the final turn? Why not just run hard for 1 km and hurt tomorrow!

I upped my pace a small bit and decided to push with 300 metres to go.  I took the final corner and tried to see what I had left in me.  A teenager ran past me. Story of my life.  One last push and I crossed the line in 24:59

I didn’t what to think about the final 5km in Clarinbridge.  I really don’t like that course.

It had been raining for most of the day.  I really wasn’t expecting anything.

I got off to a decent start and I was feeling comfortable for the first 2 km.  The next 2 km through the forest took a bit out of me.  I carried on through the last km. Its a strange windy kilometre.  I didn’t want to go too soon.  One last effort and I crossed the line in 25:12. A big improvement on last years 26:40

I’ve had some good swimming sessions with Galway Tri Club.  At one stage I was thinking of doing the 2.5 km swim on June 22nd. Its one for next year! I think the aquathons being held over the next 5 Tuesdays should be the right distance for me.

The Galway Aquathon Festival takes place on July 28th.  There is a choice of a 1 or 2 km swim followed by a 5 or 10km run.  Entry is now open on www.triathlonireland.com

I’ve had some great sessions with Galway Community Circus on the high wire.  I’m looking forward to see what I can achieve.

There are plenty of workshops on www.galwaycommunitycircus.com

I will be coaching with Galway City Harriers Summer Camp starting on July 15th.  Suitable for kids aged 6-12  registration available on www.athleticsireland.com

My next race is in Kildare on July 14th.  I’m hoping for a fairly fast time.

Entries for Streets of Galway 8km on www.active.com