I had been looking for a new challenge for a while.  Something a bit different. Maybe not entirely fitness related.

Two weeks ago I heard that Galway Community Circus were running a workshop for tightrope walking.  Sounds like a good way to spend your Saturday afternoon.

I met Aidan and Tony and signed my life away for an afternoon of slacklining and tightrope walking.

While I waited and watched a few people walking on the slackline I had visions of myself falling and cracking my head open. Its amazing how intimidating a line suspended a couple of inches above the ground can be.

Finally it was my turn.  I stepped on the line with the pole touching the ground to balance myself. Step by step.  Slightly nervous while I got used to moving the pole from side to side.  I made it across in one piece.  Not bad for my first attempt.

After a few more efforts I was ready for a go on the tightrope which was also suspended a couple of inches above the ground.  Tony talked me through it and got me to focus on a couple of points around me.

I had been  watching some of the experienced walkers doing some interesting exercises on a slackline that was suspended a couple of feet above the ground.  Maybe in a couple of weeks I might give it a try.

Towards the end of the session my confidence was pretty good.  I’m ready to give this a try.  Aidan talked me through it and although slightly nervous I made it across in one piece.

I woke up the following day with pains in my biceps from carrying the pole but also looking forward to learning more about walking the tightrope.

On last Saturday and Sunday we spent a couple of hours practising.  The weather had changed back to a typical July day in Galway.  Wind and rain.

I started to add in a few moves,  mainly balancing on one leg.  You walk in a kind of a half seated position.  On Sunday I was feeling it in the calves and hamstring.

There is a project called “wires crossed “ taking place in 2020.  Its a world record attempt for tightrope walkers across the River Corrib.  If you are interested in taking part or just want to try something fun check out  www.galwaycommunitycircus.com and also their Facebook and Instagram.

I was back training yesterday with a couple of laps of the track.  I need to do a small bit of work to improve my pace but over all it was a good session.

Streets of Galway 8km is on Saturday August 11th and Galway Bay 10km and Half Marathon is on Saturday October 6th.  Sign up as soon as you can. Places are limited.

Keep an eye on my Facebook page for training plans.

If you need help with your running technique please get in touch.