They Galway 5km series is over for another year.

Last week was Athenry.  It was a warm evening so I kept my warm up short.

There was a different start line from last year which lead to a fast start.  I hit 4.50 for the first km.  After about 2.5km the heat was starting to slow me down.  I kept a steady pace knowing that there was a bit of a hill in the last kilometre.

It’s wasn’t actually as bad as I thought and there was a good downhill after it.  I was pushing as hard as I could.  The last corners threw me a bit and I managed a quick sprint to cross the line in a time of 25:35.  My slowest race of the four but I was still happy with my performance.

Tonight I travelled to Kilcornan in Clarinbridge.  I hadn’t run here since the marathon in 2016.  The route was the opposite direction that the marathon took.  I met Noel McCarthy in the car park and we had a good chat about Marathon running as we collected our t shirts.  Nice bright yellow t shirts that will be good for winter training.

It was one of the warmest days of the year.  As I had arrived in plenty of time for a change I had time to get some extra water into me.

The start was fairly fast. I ran 5.05 for the first km.  Would tonight be the one where I break 25 minutes.  We turned back into the forest.  The trees provided some good shelter.  I was hitting 5.07 per km with nothing in the tank.  I just kept pushing.  Hitting a hill after the 2km mark.  We were back on the road and I was starting to recognise the route from 2016.  Back into the forest for what felt like the longest 500 metres.  There were quite a few corners before I managed a short sprint to cross the line in 26.41.  My slowest race so far but I was glad to add another 5 races to my already long list.

On Saturday I’m traveling to Kinvara for the 10km race.  I’m looking forward to it.  I have run the half marathon 3 times but I’ve never run this route.

During the week I was listening to a radio interview from a minor celebrity.  She’s one of thousands of women that will take to the streets of Dublin next weekend for the women’s mini marathon on June 3rd.

She was asked how her training was going.  Her response was “ we’ve been going at it fairly hard the last couple of weeks “  what does that even mean.  The more she talked the less she actually said.  She spoke about wanting to run faster than the previous.   As I’ve said in the past if you have a target time you need to add race pace sessions to your training.

Overall I thought it was a poor interview.  Charities across the country rely on events like this to raise much needed funds.  This interview would not inspire me to get off the couch.

Best of luck to everyone running this weekend wherever that may be.

If you are looking to improve your running technique please get in touch.