On Tuesday evening I went to Loughrea for the third race of the Galway 5km series.

Traffic was ok and I got out there at 7.10.  Plenty of time for a light warm up before the 8.00 p.m. start.

Last year I had been caught out by the finish line.  During my warm up I checked out the last 100m before the finish line.  I wasn’t really expecting anything from this race.  There is a good hill around 3km but then the last km is downhill and fast.

I couldn’t help noticing at the start line the amount of people with big chunky headphones on while others were sorting out playlists on phones and musical devices.  I have never raced while listening to music.  I don’t even train with music anymore.  What benefits do people think they will get while listening to a power ballad?.

The start line was fairly packed.  This course is probably the narrowest one out of the six races.  I settled into a steady pace of around 5.15 min/km.  By the 2km mark I was running 5.08.  I was doing what I could but at the same time saving myself for the hill.

Before I knew it the hill was upon us.  I decided to attack the hill before it attacked me.  The people with the chunky headphones seemed to have run out of steam.  I stuck to the middle of the road and skipped up the hill. Passing the 4km mark at a decent pace I decided to really up the pace at 4.3km.  Keeping an eye out for my final marker I pushed myself as much as I could.  Glancing at my watch I reckoned I’d run a fairly fast time.  It wasn’t until I checked my phone that I realised I had run 25:22, the exact same time as the previous week.  What could I be capable of on a nice flat route?.

I’m trying to stay focused on my plan for the next couple of months.  I’m thinking of some long distance races in September and October.  I had a chance to get a place in the Kinvara half marathon but I will stick to the 10km and work towards the half marathon in Kilkee on July 14th.

The pain in my heel and ankle has been pretty bad on Sunday and Monday.  I haven’t decided yet if I will race in ClareGalway on Tuesday.  I only need one more race to secure my t-shirt but at the same time I don’t want to be injured for the summer.

This evening I was at a talk given by Bobby Brennan from Kangen water.  I’ve been trying this filtered water for the last few weeks.  I have definitely noticed results while out cycling.

If you are looking for some training sessions for an 8km or 10km race please get in touch.