Tuesday evening came around and I was on the road to Craughwell for the second race of the Galway 5km series.  As I hit the motorway the traffic was starting to build up . Was it going to be a repeat of last week?

The traffic seemed to be moving and as I got to the traffic lights I passed an old Bedford campervan broken down in the middle lane.  I hope it wasn’t the same one Christy Moore was singing about in 1988.

I rolled into Craughwell at 7.00  plenty of time for the 8.00 p.m. start.

It had rained for about two hours but it seemed to be easing up.  I met a few guys I hadn’t seen in a while.  After a quick warm up I headed down to the start line.  There was a good breeze behind us.  Better than a head wind I suppose.

The start was fairly packed and very close to the first corner.  The first 1500m was pretty much downhill.  I was running under 4.40 min per km.  I eased up a bit and settled into a good pace.  I upped my pace around the 3km mark and again around the 4km mark.  I wasn’t sure if I was on the final corner or if there was one more to go after the left turn  but I decided to push on anyway.  The finish line was on the very top of a hill.  I gave it everything I had and crossed the line in 25:22, 34 seconds faster than last week.

This Tuesday I’m off to Loughrea for a tough enough 5km  There’s a tricky hill in the middle but the last few metres are downhill.

On Saturday I was training with Maria and Caroline.  They are running the V.H.I women’s mini marathon on June 3rd.  We had a good intense session.  They were easily running 5:55 min per km which should help them break the 60 minute mark.  We covered a few different areas.  Proper warm up,  breathing,  posture and cool down.  I’m looking forward to seeing what results they can achieve over the next couple of weeks.

Here are a couple of local races taking place over the next couple of weeks.

Mayfly 10km  May 20th

Bullaun 8km June 15th

Portumna 5km / 10km July 22nd   fast course.

If you are looking for tips and advice on training for these races please get in touch.