You can have results or excuses !  but you can’t have both

The day I’d been waiting for was finally in sight.  Racing after nearly 7 months.  

Did the universe have other plans for me?.

I had been training for this race as best I could.  In the middle of March I hurt the heel in my right foot and couldn’t train for a while.

The last couple of weeks I had spent training on the track trying to get my legs and body used to running any kind of distance.  My pace was average enough.  I was happy to be increasing the distance.

On Monday while I was eating a salad I broke part of my tooth.  My first thought was  “Will I be able to run on Tuesday ?”  my second thought was “What if they have to pull out my tooth?”

On Tuesday I had no pain in my tooth.  I threw my gear in a bag and was on the road to Caltra at 5.40

By 6 p.m. I was stuck in rush hour traffic eating bananas and drinking water wondering why the engine in my car was being so noisy.

Race number pick up closed at 7.00, it was gonna be close.

10 minutes later and I was stuck in road works praying that they would delay the start.

7.20 I rolled into Caltra for a 7.30 start.  Thankfully they had delayed the start by a few minutes.

I had enough time to jog down to the start line.

It wasn’t long before we were crossing the start line.  I was behind a lot of walkers so there was a good bit of overtaking to do.

After 500 metres I could see Shane Lennon in front of me.  “How is he still running “ I thought.  Shane has recently completed the Paris marathon and Connemara half marathon.  I had a good chat with him at the finish line.

I settled into a decent pace of 5.00 mins per k.m

I had never run this route so I didn’t know what to expect.

I increased my pace a small bit after 3 km.

I decided to up my pace for the last 800 metres

I was wary that the finish line would be tight and I was treating every corner as if it was the last one.

I caught a glimpse of the finish line.  I steadied myself and pushed for home.

Quick sprint and I was across the line in a time of  25:56

Race no. 160 was in the bag.

I bumped into Noel McCarthy and we had a cup of tea in the community centre.

Noel and Patrick Mercie are running 11 marathons in 11 counties in 11 days in July in aid of Croi.  I’m hoping to join them for at least one day.

Speaking of Croi,  they are having their annual cycle around Lough Corrib on June 10th.  There are various distances from 40km to 120km.

After the drama of Tuesday evening it was time to get my tooth and car fixed.

First stop was “Gate Dental “ where Paul Moore replaced a dirty metal filling with a nice porcelain filling.   Then it was into V.P. motors to get my car up and running.

Next up in the Galway 5km series is Craughwell.  I haven’t run there in a couple of years.

I’ve run plenty of 5kms,  a few 10 milers and set a p.b. over the marathon distance in Craughwell in 2013 so hopefully I will be closer to 25 minhtes on Tuesday night.

I’m working on a project for a new fitness class and should have more information by mid June.

I have my eye on a few small races and I’m aiming for the half marathon in Kilkee on July 14th.

The streets of Galway 8km takes place on August.  Its my favourite race of the year.

If you are planning on running it and would like to improve your technique or pace I can  help you achieve your goal. Please contact me for more details.