If you are running the V.H.I women’s mini marathon on June 3rd your training should be at a good level at this stage.

I would recommend running 5km early in the week and a 5km session at race pace during the weekend. 

I will be training groups over the next couple of weekends. 

Race pace sessions with proper warm up.

Breathing techniques will be included in the session.

On a personal note I’m finally over a long winter and looking forward to racing some 5kms over the next couple of weeks starting with Caltra on Tuesday night.

Short term goal is for a half marathon around June or July and the full marathon in Galway Bay on October 6th.

The plan was to go back to Connemara in 2019 for the marathon.  364 days to make that happen.

I’ve been clocking up the miles on the bike and should really sign up for some sportives over the summer.

If you are running any races over the summer,  5km 10km half marathon,  and want to improve your technique now is the time to start.  I can also provide race pace sessions for groups or individuals.  Contact me here