The end of the year is nearly upon us.

If you haven’t already put a plan in place for 2018 now is the time.

As most people know I’m not a fan of giving things up.  I prefer to take up a new hobby or challenge.

It doesn’t have to be completely fitness related.  If it is something that’s good for your mind and overall well being then it is worth checking out.

My next running workshop is on Saturday December 9th in the Sportsdome.

It looks at  correcting your stride.   The majority of people heelstrike when they run.  This leads to injury and also slows them down.

Proper Breathing Technique.  A lot of people struggle with breathing.  I can show you how to breathe properly and then match this up with your stride.

Proper warm up and cool down.

If you are struggling with any aspect of running then this running workshop is for you.

It was great to see so many runners out last week to celebrate 10 years of fit for life.  I was invited to join them but I was coaching a private client.


If the thoughts of running with a group of people is off putting for you I can offer private sessions that will get you running the 5km distance.  

There are some great classes on in the sportsdome.  Full details on

I’ve been running one or two miles lately.  I’m still getting over some of the aches and pains I was suffering with.   Things seem to be getting a bit better.  My cardio levels didn’t drop all that much. I got a nice one mile run on the track after last nights coaching session.  Its just a matter of building up the miles.  I’m planning on a 10km  race before the year is out.

If you are interested in running workshops,  private running sessions,  personal training,  gift vouchers please get in touch.