The last couple of weeks have been pretty quiet.  I’ve been getting treatment on a couple of aches and pains that are preventing me from being at my best.

Galway city Chiropractic have been working on my achilles and hip.  So far everything seems to be going to plan.  Last week I managed a quick run and a cycle on one of the nicer days.  Thankfully my cardio levels haven’t dropped too much.


I’ve also been going to a yoga class in Claregalway with  “yoga with noreen”.

Its important after ten years of running to start looking after myself a bit more.  Work on the flexibility and agility.  Its also nice to get away from phones and computers for an hour.

My next running workshop is on Saturday 11th November in the sportsdome behind Salerno school.

It is ideal for all levels of ability.  We look at preventing injury such as  heel striking and shin splints.

Proper Breathing Technique.  About 80% of people I see have trouble matching their breathing with their stride.

Correct stride and learn to use less energy while running.

Last Thursday I got a medal holder from Danielle from “the shed up the back”.  It was pretty interesting looking through a bunch of medals that I hadn’t really seen for a few years.  2012 was a very busy year.

I’m starting to work with a few private clients this week that are looking to learn how to run.  I should have them running 5km in time for Christmas.

If you are looking for personal training sessions,  private running sessions to help you achieve results in time for Christmas now is the time to get started. There are plenty of great running and cycling events coming up in 2018.

I’m still hopeful that I have one more race left in me this year.