On Sunday I joined more than 2000 cyclists for a cycle on the soon to be opened M18 motorway.  There was the choice of a 50 km or 100km spin.  Even though I hadn’t done much cycling over the summer I decided to sign up for the 100 km spin  from Tuam to Gort and back  to  Tuam. 

I had managed to get out on Saturday for a quick 20 mile cycle mainly to remind my legs that I would be doing a good 4 hour cycle on the Sunday.  A friend of mine who was cycling the 50km route had told me that the route was fairly exposed.  I was checking the weather all week as there were 3 hurricanes due to hit parts of North America and we would more than likely feel the effects of the tail end of them.

The last weather report said it would be Sunday evening before the bad weather would hit us.  Hopefully it doesn’t hit us sooner than that.

When I got up on Sunday morning there was a small rain shower.  It had cleared up by the time I left the house.  There were another two showers as I drove to Tuam.  I passed a few cyclists between Corofin and Tuam making there way to the cycle.

Tuam to Gort Motorway

It wasn’t long before I was on the motorway making my way to Gort.  There were a few nasty crosswinds in spots.  As we passed the turn off for the 50km route the rain started.   A couple of short sharp showers.  There were cyclists from various parts of Ireland in attendance.  Galway triathlon club,  predator triathlon club,  Achill ,  Meath,  Dublin and Galway Visually Impaired cycling club.  A group from Castlebar cycled down to make it a 200 km spin.  There were people of all ages on bikes of all shapes and sizes taking part in this once in a lifetime cycle.

There was a bit of a headwind as we headed for Gort.  I was hoping this would become a tailwind on the way back to Tuam.

Not long after the turn for home the crosswinds really started to pick up.  The rain started to get icy.  Eventually I saw a sign “Tuam 30km”. Why couldn’t it say 20km?  There was to be plenty more wind and rain for the next 20km.  I still had a good bit of power in my legs.  My hands were a bit cold and I was struggling to change gear.  I selected an average enough gear and just kept pedalling.  Eventually I could see the end of the motorway.  I gave one last blast of speed to cross the line.  4hrs 28 mins for 100km, better than the 5 hours I had anticipated.  Parts of the cycle had been tough.  It was certainly the windiest cycle I had done.  Theres nothing easy about 100km in the saddle.

Well done to the Lions Club in Tuam and Gort for organising this event that raised over €70,000 for local charities.

I plan on running the Naas 10km on September 24th and Galway Bay half marathon on October 7th .

Entry for the Galway Bay events are closing at the end of the week.  If you want to

I have run nearly 1,150 miles this year and the plan is to run 1,250 by the end of September to remain on target for 2,017 miles this year.

Kinvara half marathon and 10km have announced that they are adding a full marathon to their event next year.  I must admit I am seriously interested having completed the half marathon route 3 times.

If you are looking to improve your running technique please contact me and I can give you details of my running workshops.

If you would like to sponsor me for my next half marathon please visit  https://galway-bay-run.everydayhero.com/ie/colmsgalwaybayrun