The end of the week will mark the half way point of the Year. 

If you have set yourself a goal or a challenge for the year now is a good time to have a look and see how you are doing.

My personal goal is to run 2017 miles this year . I’m a bit behind but I’m determined to hit the 900 mile mark by July 1st.

Its been 8 days since my last race.  I hadn’t run in Annaghdown for a couple of years.  The weather was quite warm and even though the 10km race didn’t start until 5 p.m. it was still about 22 degrees.

I was feeling a bit sluggish at the start but I hit the one mile mark in 7:40 . I slowed down a bit as I knew the heat was going to make it a tough race . I was very glad of the water station at the 5.5 km mark. I decided to just take it one km at a time. Even the breeze coming off the lake was warm and it wasn’t helping at all . Before I knew it I was at the 9.5  km mark. There was a slight downhill and a nice flat straight stretch to the finish line.  I managed a short sprint and crossed the line in 52:16

I’m focusing on some long distance races towards the end of the summer.

On Tuesday evening I was coaching a few athletes from Galway Triathlon Club.  It was a great track session considering the weather was so warm.  I’m looking forward to some good track sessions over the summer especially with some great races coming up including Olympic triathlon on July 15th.

On Thursday evening I was running with a group who will be joining me on October 7th to run Galway Bay in aid of the Manuela Riedo Foundation.  It was a pretty wild evening but we managed 4 miles.

If you are interested in running or walking with us on October 7th I will add the link to my Facebook page.

Its never too late to set yourself a new challenge.