The road to recovery after Connemara Ultra has been an interesting one. blog 24052017 .1

I had quite a few aches and pains in my legs.

For a while it looked like I would never be back running.

I targeted the 5km race in Craughwell to make my come back. A nice flat course would be a great way to get a few miles in  my legs.

Early on the Tuesday afternoon as I ran up a flight of stairs I felt my right calf muscle go. There was no way I was running that night. Rest up and hopefully be in shape for next Tuesday.

I strapped my leg up for a while and stood in Galway Bay a couple of times hoping to be ready for Loughrea 5km.

I arrived out to Loughrea with plenty of time to warm up and soak up the atmosphere. Would my leg hold up, how tough is that hill at 3km again?

It was a lovely evening for running. Sunny with a slight breeze.

I met a few guys at the start line. They were congratulating me on Connemara. Mike started talking about the 100 miler out there. Don’t be giving me ideas.

I reckoned if I got in under 27 mins I would be happy.

As we ran up the road I realised I had started way too close to the back. I had a good bit of overtaking to do. As we hit the 2km mark I looked at my watch. I was moving pretty fast, should I slow down?  I felt comfortable and reckoned the upcoming hill would slow me down a bit.

There was a guy in front my me moving at a nice pace and I hopped on his heels a small bit. The hill wasn’t as tough as I remembered. We were at 4km before I knew it. Downhill to the finish line.

Unfortunately for me the courses on some of the 5km races have been altered a bit since I last ran them. The finish line in Loughrea was about 500m up the road from where I am used to finishing. I was holding on a small bit when suddenly I came around a corner only to realise I was right at the finish line. I gave one short sprint to cross the line in 24:30

This was my 155th race and mile number 700 of the year so I was delighted with my time and just to be back running.

I’ve spent the past week trying to get my legs back to 100%

Plenty of resistance work and a few dips in the sea are helping me get there.

Last night it was the turn of  ClareGalway in the 5km series.

Just as I was leaving the house I noticed it had been raining for a while. I was hoping there wouldn’t be a downpour.

I arrived in time to get a slow 1 mile warm up done. The air was really heavy. Hopefully there would be someone to hose us down at around the 2 mile mark.

I attacked on the first hill just for the fun of it. The pace was decent enough. After 2km there was a long downhill section. I made the most of it and overtook a few people. I maintained a steady pace and at 4km I was a good 20 seconds up on last week. I upped my pace at around 4.5 km

Again it was a case of the finish line being in a new position. I’m used to finishing about 1km up the road. I gave one last sprint to cross the line in 24:11, a good improvement from Loughrea. Hopefully I can break 24 minutes in Athenry.

There are a couple of races on over the next month in Galway.

Castlegar A.C. are holding a one mile paced race in Merlin Woods on Friday June 2nd

Maree have moved their 8km race to the Bank Holiday on June 5th

Castlehackett will be holing an 8km run/walk  in Belclare on Sunday 11th June

Killeeneen N.S will hold their 5km race on Thursday 15th June

Athenry A.C. are holding a Half Marathon and 5km race in Monivea  on Saturday June 24th. I’m hoping this will be my 25th half marathon.

If you are looking for Personal training or advice with regards running please do get in touch.