Just when I was getting used to my training programme it was time to start some speed work.

Last nights session involved a 15 minute jog to the track,  5 x 5 minute plus 1 minute active recovery followed by 15 minute jog home.

It was good to see so many people using the track considering the weather was pretty bad.

There was a group of men doing 100m sprints and there were a few more people walking and Jogging.

If you are following a training programme or you are being trained by somebody it is important that the intensity and frequency of the training sessions is increased on a regular basis.

My next running workshop is on this Saturday March 25th.

If you are interested in taking up running now is the ideal opportunity.

If you have run 5km and are looking to run 8km this workshop can help you reach that goal.

Blog Blackrock Tower The clocks are changing this weekend which should mean the evenings will be a bit brighter.

Keep an eye on my social media pages for news of upcoming events.

On April 23rd Hand in Hand  are holding an event in Co. Clare, I have posted the details on my Facebook page.

Entry for this years Galway 5km series opens this Friday evening.  It is a great event for runners of all levels.  Hopefully I will get my name on the entry list.

If you are looking for personal training,  group training or running workshops please get in touch  info@omaillefitness.com