Wednesday 1st of March,  Ash Wednesday,  the first day of Lent.


The time where people give up something for 40 days.  Technically it is 46 days until Easter Sunday.

The 3 most common things people give up are Alcohol,  cigarettes and chocolate.

Are there any major benefits from giving up something for such a short period of time?

Easter weekend is one of the biggest weekends for consumption of alcohol,  whether at home or in a pub.  Easter Sunday is mainly celebrated by eating large chocolate eggs.

I’m two and a half weeks in to my ten week training  plan for the Connemarathon ultra on April 23rd.

My plan for Good Friday is do some sightseeing at the Inishowen Peninsula before a ten mile race in Ballyliffin on the Saturday.

Cian Healy of Irish rugby tweeted that he would much rather take something up during Lent to see the benefits.

There are many 40 day challenges popping up on social media.  I have included two I will be doing on my facebook page.

I have also seen an idea on social media to do one nice thing.

I finally got a new running watch.  Polar m400 is my latest running gadget.  Its a bit like a spaceship compared to the other watches I have used.  I haven’t used the heart rate monitor yet.

Last Wednesday I got out for my first long run of the week.  I was aware that storm Doris was about to sweep across the west coast but I  reckoned that I needed to suffer a bit as part of my training for Connemarathon.

I find it’s not the miles that you need to be worried about in Connemara, its more about the battle you have with the wind and rain. In 2014 I had the wind behind me at the 7 mile mark, hammering me from the right handside at mile 14 and it was hitting me head on at mile 22.

On Sunday afternoon it was very easy for me to get cosy on the couch watching Italy take on England in the rugby.  Sunday is long run day and I’m chasing some milestones.  I popped into my local shop to grab a snack before my 18 mile run.  A man beside me was telling his two teenage sons to pick out some “proper food “ for dinner.  Their choices consisted of pizza,  chips or bacon.  Not exactly my idea of real food.  As a nation I don’t think we have a clue about nutrition.  The only thing we seem to worry about is calories.  Saturated fats and all sorts of other chemicals don’t even register with most of us.

I was about 4 miles into my run on Salthill prom when I discovered storm Ewan was tearing up Galway Bay,  another testing training session.  There were one or two rough spots but I knew I’d have the wind behind me on the way home.

I was relatively comfortable for the first 25km.  I suffered a bit for the next 2km and then I did laps of a car park for the final kilometre.  As the song says “things can only better”. Hitting the 300 mile mark isn’t supposed to be easy.

On Saturday I will be running my first half marathon of the year in Kinvara.  It will be my third time taking part in this race.  I should have a better idea of where I stand when it comes to training for Tralee marathon on March 18th.

I have a few new projects starting to take shape over the next couple of weeks.

If you are interested in personal training,  group training,  circuit classes,  running workshops or any other advice please do get in touch.