comfort Last May I was part of a group of 50 people that took part in a fire walk for charity.

The training prior to us walking across hot coals lasted for an hour and the walk was over after about 1 minute.

In the middle of the training session I was asked about my Comfort Zone. I don’t really know where my Comfort Zone is to be honest. I’ve been pushing myself to the limit and possibly beyond it at times for nearly 15 years.


The last couple of weeks have been fairly up and down. More down than up really. I picked up a cough that I just couldn’t shake. I ended up missing 2 races as I really wasn’t up to running. My energy levels were at an all time low.

I entered a couple of races in the hope that I could motivate myself to work towards them.

After a lot of chopping and changing I reckon its still possible to hit my targets for 2016 and set me up for 2017. The last 2 months of the year are going to be pretty interesting.

The fact that I was so close to mile no. 1200 was starting to annoy me. I couldn’t keep putting it off. I decided to go for  run to see what I was capable of and get the miles done one way or another.

I hadn’t run for over 3 weeks so I was right to be worried. After the first mile I was feeling pretty good. My aim was to run 4 miles. After the second mile I decided to push on and go for 5.5 miles. It was nice to be back on the prom with the Wild Atlantic Way screaming at me. Midway through my run I decided I might as well go for 6.25 miles. As I ran up the road I decided to take a small detour to make it  a bit easier for me to run the 7.1 miles needed to hit the 1200 mile mark. Hitting the 6 mile mark I was glad to be on the road home. My stride was decent enough and I managed to add 7.3 miles to my yearly total.

I’m still not 100% but I’m a lot closer to it than I thought.

I’m hoping to make Parkrun this Saturday to help me towards my next race.

There are some great races coming up over the Halloween period.

I will be running in Ennis for the last race of my Four Provinces Challenge.

Salthill is the venue for a Zombie Chase in aid of ACT for Meningitis.

Sunday the 30th will see the 37th running of the Dublin City Marathon.

Wednesday 26th October will be Day 300 of my run-streak. If you want to join me for a casual jog I will have an event page set up.