Blog 260516

On Friday night I was part of a group of 50 people who walked on fire. It was something I had been interested in doing for a number of years.

It was done to raise funds and awareness for the Manuela Riedo Foundation and I was pretty nervous in the days leading up to the event because I had told myself I was going to try to avoid injuring my legs in the lead up to exams and yet here I was about to walk on an 800c fire.

Shane welcomed us and gave a quick talk on where the money raised would be used. It was starting to sink in how important this challenge was.

It was then time for Brian Moore to get us ready to complete the challenge. We spent the next two hours getting psyched up to walk across fire – It’s all about telling yourself you can do it. If you believe you can do it then you will.

This is a philosophy that can be adapted to most things you encounter in life. Work,College, Relationships, Finances….

It wasn’t long before we moved outside to start the fire walk. I was just trying to stay focused on completing the challenge even with a long line of people in front of me. The line didn’t seem to be getting any shorter!!

Before I knew it there was only 5 people in front of me and I didn’t want to look at the fire before it was my turn to walk.

Brian checked to see that I was fully prepared before I walked across the embers of the fire. It was over before I knew it and I can honestly say I didn’t feel a thing.

If you are looking for a life changing challenge I would definitely recommend a fire walk. Please visit to see the amazing work that is done.

Last night I had my second last practical exam. It went very well. My pre-event massage seemed to be one of the best ones I’ve done. I got 82% and I’m hoping to improve on that for next weeks final exam. Although It had been a long day but I still wanted to get out for a run afterwards and so at  10.30pm I was running on the prom to hit my 600th mile of the year.

I will be introducing TRX to tonight’s boot-camp. It is a great workout with every move working the core area.

Wednesday 1st of June is Global Running Day. I will be having an event. Full details on