Mar 16

Galway Bay

I’ve hit the 350 mile mark and I’m focused on 400 miles.

I was reading lately about the psychology of running.  Yes it is an important factor to running or any sport for that matter but I think there are plenty of other factors that need to be looked at in order to make your running experience more rewarding.

A lot of people have trouble with their breathing when it comes to running and there are various reasons for this.

Pace and Posture has a big influence and in my running workshops and couch to 5km groups I can show you techniques that will help your breathing and increase your pace and distance. The length of your stride is vital when it comes to running injury free. Most people over stride and or heel strike. This can lead to knee and hip pain.

By using video analysis I can show you how to perfect your stride.

There is still time to vote in The Best of Galway awards

At the moment I’m looking  at which races I’m going to enter for Easter weekend. There’s no shortage of races on that weekend. I’m trying to decide how much of  a challenge I want.

Best of luck to everyone running the Craughwell AC 10 miler on Sunday.  There will be a group of us from I.M.S.T giving post race massage. If you have any aches and pains after the race call over to us and we’ll help ease those pains.

I recently signed up for Parkrun and I will be taking part in my first run on Saturday. I’m looking forward to meeting like minded runners and discovering some new running routes. Anything that will make the next 1,600 miles a bit easier is great.

Anyone looking to support my 2,016 miles of running in aid of ‘Hand in Hand’ can go to

Enjoy our National  Holiday and make sure to make the most of this good weather.