Colm Week threeWeek Three comes around, the enthusiasm is starting to wear off and the reality of the challenge starts to kick in. This is why it is important that the goal you have set is personal to you and achievable.

It is also very important that you set short term goals to help keep yourself motivated.

The week started off badly for me. Last Thursday evening I went to go for a run. 100 Metres up the road I realised there were patches of ice. I tip toed down the road avoiding the manhole covers which were dangerously slippy. I managed to get across the road. The footpaths were getting more icy. I managed to run a lap of a field before turning and tip toeing home. 0.5 miles registered, a far cry from my 5.5 daily miles needed to complete this challenge.

I was disappointed but I reminded myself that this challenge wouldn’t be won or lost in one day. If I suffer an injury I could be out for weeks or months.

The following day I got out for a 7 mile run. It felt great to be out running again.

I ran my first 8km race of the year on Sunday. I was prepared for fairly cold weather when it came to getting my race gear ready. The rain was heavy enough as I drove down the road.

I collected my race number and moved my car to the official car park. After 140+ races I’m well used to getting changed in the front seat of my car.

Everyone warming up in the car park seemed to have opted for caps, jackets and leggings while I had gone for running singlet, arm warmers, shorts, calf sleeves, running headband and gloves.

I didn’t feel cold which was the main thing. There wasn’t much I could do about the rain.

It was a couple of minutes before I noticed a couple of GCH and Athenry singlets. At least I wasn’t the only one.

I think its personal choice when it comes to running gear. Most jackets and running tops aren’t waterproof or breathable which just means you’ll end up soaked anyway.

I had run this race about 4 years ago so I had a fair idea of what the course was like. I found my pace early on and just maintained that pace for the first 4km.

For the second half of the race I gradually increased my pace and started to push a bit more over the last 1km, finally turning the last corner skipping over a couple of puddles and sprinting across the finish line in a time of 40:03.

I was fairly happy with my performance.

My next 8km race is in 3 weeks. It’s on a course that I set a PB of 37:17 on 2 years ago. I doubt I will run that fast but I will be hoping to hit 39 or 38 mins.

I was back to my Sports Therapy course on Tuesday evening. I had a practical exam on massage of  front and back of leg, the arm and the entire back. I’m glad to be maintaining my 65% average.

Yesterday I got out for a 7 mile run and hit the milestone of 100 miles this year.

I felt great throughout the run. My legs were completely fresh and I was pushing hard towards the end. The last 2 miles felt great. Hopefully the next 1,916 miles will feel like that.

My first running workshop of the year is on this Saturday and I should have another one scheduled for early February.

My Circuit Classes are also starting Back on the 1st February.

Mondays and Wednesdays at 7.00 p.m.