Blog wk 2 jan

So that’s the first fortnight of the year out of the way!

My 2,016 miles in 2,016 is starting to take shape. I passed the 100km mark today.

This week I focused on finding some new running routes. Running the same route 366 times would test the toughest people.

I revisited some of my old routes. I couldn’t run on some parts of them because of flooding so it could be a few weeks before I run these particular routes again.

I got out to take some photos while the light was good.

A hardy bunch were making the most of  the south westerly winds and were kite surfing at Silverstrand. This reminded me that there are a few things on the bucketlist I must try out! There are a few new outdoor activities I want to get involved in this year.

I don’t really go on about nutrition too much for various reasons.

There are a few ideas that I have tried and tested and I don’t mind sharing them with people. If you look at my Facebook page there is a nice video for ‘overnight oats’. I have been trying them out for breakfast for the past week. They’re quick and easy to make and are really tasty.

My first race of the year is on this Sunday. It is an 8km in Tuam. It should be a well attended race.  I’m looking forward to it. I have a good few miles built up so I’m hoping for a comfortable race.

I have been looking through lists of marathons this week. I hope to complete some of them this year and the rest of them will have to wait until next year.

I have only 9 counties in Ireland left to race in. Most of these are in Northern Ireland and the East Coast of Ireland so the logistics are proving a bit tricky.

I’m looking at my options and should complete another 4 Counties in 2016.

Next week I will look at some of the obstacles both mental and physical that I encounter.  A lot of people think that these challenges are easy for me.

If they were easy they wouldn’t be challenging me. A lot of work goes in to getting results.